Activities Implemented by Tamizhaga puthiya Latchiyam Amaippusara Kattumana Thozhilargal Sangam (TPLAKTS):

Following are main activities implemented for the benefit of the members enrolled as unorganised manual workers of various categories:

• Enrolment of members.
• Providing Government Membership Card through District Labour Office.
• Renewal of membership every 5 years.
• Organising awareness meeting for members on their rights as unorganised manual workers.
• Creating awareness sessions on various gow. welfare schemes meant for them.
• Providing relief measures on natural calamities and disaster.
• Taking the members to attend the National Level Meeting organised by National Network like NASVI.
• Supporting the members monetarily for delivery, child birth, marriage accident through the Government Welfare Schemes.
• Pension scheme to the members who completed 60 years of age.
• Monetary support of RS.25,OO0/- to the families of deceased members.
• Accident compensation to the members.

Government Schemes during 2OO8-202O TPLAKTS:

1 Marriage aid for men and women 350 s000- Women 300O-men
2 Materials aid 200 6000
3 Spects for men and women 150 500
4 Old age pension for men and women 230 1000
5 Accidental death benefit to families 3 1-5 lakhs
6 Monetary support for natural death 17 25,000
7 Cash incentives to 10s students (Boys and Girls) 1600 1000
8 Cash incentives to 11,h students (Boys and Girls) 2700 1000
9 Cash incentives to 12,h students (Boys and Girls) 3200 1500-girls 1000-boys
10 Cash incentives to UG students (Boys and Girls) 420 15O0-girls 1000-boys
11 Cash incentives to PG students (Boys and Girls) 270 60O0-girls 4000-boys
12 Cash incentives to Diploma students(Boys and Girls) 360 60O0-girls 4000-boys
13 Cash incentives to B.E. students (Boys and Girls) 120 8O0-girls 6000-boys
14 ITI Courses 160 12O0-girls 1000-boys